Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Very Vintage Style Living Room

 Hello again and welcome back to Creative Country Moms!
I am so glad you stopped by today!!
No, I do not... errrrr.... no news to share yet.
Dang it, I sure hope it is soon!

We are still waiting to hear if my sweet hubby is going to be transferred to Huntsville, AL.
I have been preparing as best as I can for the possible sale of our home.
So before I tear everything apart I will be sharing each room of the house.
 Today we are enjoying our eclectic vintage style family room.
I have wanted to redo this room for quite a while, but it somehow ends up unchanged.
I think it is the homey feel and the soft colors in here.
It is a comfortable room to set in.

Probably the highlight of this room is the buggy seat I use as a coffee table.
It is an old International Harvester and it has all the original paint and lettering!
The walls in this room are a soft sage green.
Believe it not I have kept them this color the entire 10 years we have lived here.
I think every other room has been repainted at least twice.
 This old leather couch we call TANK.
Yes, it has a name.
It has seen better days, but it is one heavy-duty couch.
Like a bomb can go off and it would not budge.

I have talked of selling it, but it just stays with us.
It will go down first if my hubby has to get an apartment while the house sells.
 This room will have my attention this week.
I will be taking down much of the decor like I did in the kitchen.
Making it more minimal and less distracting.
Which is not so much fun, 
but I can see how a lot of decor can be too much for some buyers.
 The fireplace is an electric.
It will go with us in the move, but get a nice facelift with a new color.
I love the soft glow and it makes a humming noise that will put you right to sleep.
Gotta love that when it is cold.
 I go back and forth about keeping the pumpkin pottery.
I like it, but am going more greys in the next house.
I might just repot the plants in something and decide once we get somewhere.
It is pretty for fall though.
 I love, love, love vintage photographs.
And a cheap and great way to display them is an old clipboard!
 Okay one more look at the goodies in the buggy seat.
I will be minimizing this as well.
I am on the fence about getting any fall things out.
I am saying no for now.
I will buy a few mums for the porch and screen room though. 
This move is far from 100%.
I am okay either way.
Stay here a bit longer or sell.
I am just so tired of the wait.
We started this in May.
We keep saying any day now....
It makes my nerves a mess.

But I have to tell you...
This house is CLEAN and my junk stash of necessities is much less! 

Here are the pics of this room now....
I will be touching up the paint and it will be ready to show!

I will be doing this to the majority of the rooms soon.
I kind of like it with less.
It gives me a blank slate to do something different too.
Keep your fingers crossed......

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  1. My husband used to sell real estate, and it's amazing how some people can't see past decor! Most would also say to pack away personal photos etc. before showing. Love the room; especially the buggy seat coffee table!

  2. Love your vintage touches in your living room. Everything is looking wonderful. At leaset if you have to sell, you have a huge head start on getting your house ready to put on the market. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.


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