Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Little Tour of our Rustic-Industrial Family Room

Hello and welcome to several new readers!
I am so happy to have you following me!
I love new friends....
Thanks so much for your lovely notes and comments.
Today we are taking a little tour of our family room---

 No, I do not have news yet on the move to Huntsville, Al.
But I hope to know something very soon.
We are thinking we will be moving into a rental if we do transfer.
This changes my thinking quite a bit.
I do think it will be challenging, but fun living in such a small space.
 I guess that is one way to go down a thousand square feet in living space.
The apartments are a third of the size of our home now....
So when we go back to 2000 sq feet it will seem huge!

But this is all still a big what-if?
I am so tired of waiting and worrying.
Either option, I am just ready to know!
 If we do relocate into an rental this area is what I will keep with us.
 My sweet guy here will have to go with us!
 I have an industrial metal shelf unit to put my accents that are on the shelves.
 It will look great with my industrial tables.
 I love my old photos and antiques.
 I will use the majority of this in the new house....
and expand on it as my family room will be larger I hope.
 We are looking at homes that are very open concept.
 So I will keep all my dark woods and barnwood finishes.
 And of course my sweet table from the clock face.
 I only have a few oak pieces left and I will strip them and do a grey barnwood stain on them.
I really like the combination of grey and light browns, with pops of cream and white right now.  I will be keeping my brown leather, but everything else will be light and bright.
 I wish I could show you all the stuff I have gotten rid of.... you would be amazed.
 My style has changed so much over the years.
It was past time to rehome some of the goodies.
There are two more accent pieces that match my coffee table available.
There is a long credenza that I could add for our tv in the next house.
I love our fireplace, but in the next one I would like the tv on a cabinet 
and to be able to decorate my mantel again.

Okay, when I have news... I will share.
Thanks again for being so supportive and listening 
to me talk it out about the possible move.

It is such a big decision, we are following our hearts.
But it is made us all very anxious.... honestly.


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  1. This room has really morphed from the first time I saw it. I love the old and new--the industrial helps to give the room a bit of space. With the remodel here, I know some things will be leaving, but I am looking forward to streamlining our living style--just a bit. Good luck, hope you here something soon---waiting is such a ....! Sandi

  2. your industrial room is so nice...good luck on your move

  3. Beautiful room and decor Brooke. Good luck with your move. We just downsized to a smaller home and I have to say it feels so much more cozier and we utilize every space. Nothing sits without use in this home. Also easier to keep clean. Hope you get some good news soon.

  4. What a very inviting room Brooke. Love the industrial tables! Hope you find out soon and that everything goes well with your move! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. I just love the vintage pictures. Thank you for sharing at SYC! xxJo

  6. This is so lovely Brooke! I love the old pictures on the walls! I just know that whatever you decide, you will have fun making your new space as homey as you have your current home.
    It was so much fun talking to you the other day! I love hearing the voice behind the blogger and your ideas for your new home in Alabama.
    sending hugs your way....

  7. Brooke,
    I love your new look, dear friend!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that your news will fulfill all your hearts desires!

  8. Love this room, and all the little details! Hope you find a new home for your keepers.

  9. Your family room is very inviting and comfy looking. Hope you find out soon about the move. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.


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